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Rene Doumeng works closely with his customers to create unique one of a kind fine pieces of jewelry. He has successfully integrated his 50 years plus experience at the bench as a master jeweler into the revolutionary technological advances of our day. 

​Utilizing Jewelry/CAD and 3D printing technology, Rene continues to create more delicate and sophisticated works of art than ever before.  Adding to his expertise as a master jewelry craftsman, Rene has also incorporated the technology of the laser welder, which allows him to weld gold and platinum at levels of precision never seen before. On-going commitments to quality and customer satisfaction have been touchstones of Rene Doumeng Fine Jewelry. 

Trust Rene Doumeng to help you design your engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary ring, re-set a diamond, update your existing mountings, appraise or repair your jewelry, repair your watch, or walk you through how to pick the best quality diamond.

Call us at 631-745-0085

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